Core Barre

Core Barre tm is a system of SMART MOVEMENT tm that promotes high energy, low impact, and fat burning movements based on elements of Pilates, classical ballet, and athletic conditioning. Core Barre tm follows concepts of stabilization to create effective and safe movement where body strength and awareness are increased as well as joint flexibility, proper posture, stability, and form.


Bike & Barre combo class is an hour session that starts out on our Schwinn AC Sport bikes. We cycle for 30 minutes with intense bursts of exertion with recovery efforts in order to burn fat and rev your metabolism. Part of the 30 minute cycle section will be done using 2 lb weights to tone the arms. The second half of class is conducted at the ballet barre and the mat. Participants will get a 30 minutes Core Barre style workout concentrating on the glutes and abs.

YOGA at the DB

With a variety of yoga instructors to lead classes, we offer a nice blend of strength training, stretching, relaxation and meditation in our yoga practices. Adding yoga into your weekly workout routine will increase your core strength, flexibility, and balance.


The Downtown Barre is the ONLY infrared heated studio in Eastern North Carolina. Infrared heat is the NEW way to practice yoga and core classes in a heated environment. Unlike a typical hot yoga class that uses blown air to heat up the room, our infrared heaters use an emitted heat to give you a pleasant, warm experience that will exhilarate you rather than drain you. 


Infrared heat has many benefits that include:


Improved Circulation

Improved Flexibility

Weight Loss

Pain Relief

Skin Clarity

The primary difference in infrared heat verses a typical heat is that infrared heat objects before it heats the air. This is what causes your body to heat up and enable you to work out at your peak performance.



Drop In - $18

3X Pass - $42

5X Pass - $55

10X Pass - $95

20x Pass - $170

5x Student/Military - $37


6 Month Unlimited - $100 / month drafted monthly

12 Month Unlimited - $90 / month drafted monthly

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